name: Everly Grace DiLucia
credited as: Everly Dilucia
age / dob: 30 / may 30th, 1985
occupation: actress
hometown: london, england
current residence: los angeles, california
marital status: single



played-by: julianne hough

the apocalypse (2013) .... james franco's role (pre-production)

game of thrones (2011-present) ....daenerys targaryen (41 episodes)
it's always sunny in philadelphia (2005-2010) ....carmen (5 episodes)


Never in a million years was Julia Manning expecting her little girl to see her name in lights. She had high hopes and high dreams for Everly Grace but never ones that included movies and endorsement deals. Born 1985 in the little suburb of London, England, Julia had never expected two children from the same deadbeat baby daddy. Her eldest sister Zoie was the product of a one night stand gone completely wrong, but Julia had never expected Nicholas to walk out on her like he had. The shock of a second pregnancy was enough to send him packing completely, never to send a birthday card, child support or even a phone call to his two little girls who would someday cringe at the mere mention of him. It was only when each girl was born that Nicholas would stick around for what seemed like a month, only to leave and come back periodically to try and let himself into their lives, claiming he was a changed man. Shortly after Everly turned three Julia was introduced through her father to an American businessman who had the seal of approval from everyone and charmed his way right into their lives. He quickly became what Julia had always longed for with she and the girls, and in the summer of 1987 they were married. The family quickly adjusted to a lavish lifestyle that Rodger Manning had provided them with, traveling back on fancy airplanes and moving all over the country before settling in California once and for all. A company wide cocktail party was the moment that would change the little girls lives forever. A husband of one of Rodger's employees insisted that they get Everly and Zoie into child modeling, and although Julia was a little hesitant at first, the two quickly learned that the little girl and her big sister were destined to do great things. After Everly was plastered amongst every JcPenney's catalog anybody ever picked up, and her sister dipped her feet into the Acting honeypot, it became adamantly clear that Everly craved following in Zoie's footsteps and becoming her shadow.

Everly's first audition was a complete and utter failure. At nine years old it was quite a blow to her and she almost gave it up completely after spending nearly an entire afternoon crying into her mother's shoulder. Julia knew that Everly wouldn't give up, and after a quick pep talk about how she needed to never let go of her dream and to always be confident, the next day she was off to another. An English version of the Japanese animated film Whisper Of The Heart was Everly's first experience with voice-overs and acting period. It quickly lead her various commercial deals. As the roles came to a halt and Everly went back to school in Los Angeles, she sat upon the sidelines and instead supported Zoie's blossoming acting career. Julia gave birth to she and Rodgers first baby together, Lucy, two years before and was now pregnant with Bradley, the only boy. It was then around the time of Bradley's birth that Julia and Rodger had taken a notice in their daughter and the way she was conducting herself. Things didn't seem right, and while Rodger brushed it off and assured Julia it was only pre-teen angst emotions and not getting used to being the baby of the family anymore. There was something inevitably wrong with Everly. Things seemed to slow down between modeling and acting and eventually there was a prospect going to give up all together. But a chance audition for a Disney Channel Original Movie was the saving grace and entryway into her biggest and most exciting franchise yet. Getting the role of Zenon Kar was one of the most defining moments in her life thus far. Although she had auditioned for a minor role, she ended up with the lead and quickly jetted off with ehr mother to Vancouver for shooting. Shooting in Canada on her first big movie is almost dreamlike for her, until girls and extras on the set begin teasing Everly about her weight gain and acne. While her parents continue to brush it off as puberty, things began to take a sudden turn for the worst.

Symptoms of Everly's PCOS started off slow and were brushed off countless times. Another year passed until another symptom struck a cord. Her fluctuating weight gain caught the attention of her mother, and Julia became increasingly worried. The perils of Hollywood was not something they signed up for, and she refused to sit back and let it go on any longer. Julia quickly confronted her daughter, but only got back a few short replies before giving up that night. Her parents begun to fight about it almost nightly for a month straight, something that was very rare in the Di Lucia-Manning household. Her parents were one of hte rare occasions of endless love. They were head over heels and made you sick at the sight of their fluffy and cute gestures. Anxiety and depression eventually took over Everly's entire being, and sleep didn't come so easily for her. Doctor's visits came short and low, and between filming for the second Zenon movie and Zoie's booming career that her mother then assisted her with, Everly eventually had nobody to turn to. Finally in November of 2001 and shortly after her seventeenth birthday, her weight gain and depression became a little less severe. However it only took one night of terror to send her and everyone's world upside down. Everly was quickly to the hospital by her father and after series of exams are performed almost immediately, Rodger began to fear the worst for his stepdaughter. A pelvic exam, a sonogram, blood tests, skin tests, breast exams - the works - were all done before she returned to her home and was expected to be called with further instructions. She returned and continued the laboratory testing for weeks. Two hour glucose tolerance tests, thyroid functioning, human chronic gonadotropin, follicle stimulating hormones, insulin resistance. All words she barely understood at the time. After many of the tests she partakes in, the Di Lucia-Manning's recieved a call. Polycystic-Ovarian Syndrome. At the time she was unfazed by what this truly means. She was young and relieved to finally have answers, to finally know what is so wrong with her, that she doesn't realize the consequences. Diabetes, ovarian and endometrial cancer, heart disease, depression and the one that meant the most to her - infertility.

After struggling for two years with herself, she musters up the courage to audition for what would be known as her most well-known role. Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise launched her career tenfold. Being only nineteen at the start of production, she knew that being in the presence of well-known and prestigious actors made for a very rough and unsure beginning. Slowly the cast grew to become her family, and with three movies under her belt by 2007, she knew that she had to break away from it before she was typecast into the same era roles. After playing straight-laced women for Disney, she knew at that moment she would have to compromise those fans for the sake of her career. Bolder and more daring roles were something Everly sought after and were exactly what she got. Her slight British accent hat had piled on from the years of playing Miss Swann proved to be a problem, but it was nothing a dialect coach couldn't fix. That same winter before filming began and before Everly was even made known of her successful audition, her mother Julia was diagnosed with breast cancer. That spring her mother passed away at the age of forty-two, never to see her daughter marry or even attempt to have children. Everly and her sister grieved hard over this, but always put her job before her siblings. She took a few weeks off to be with her siblings and generally grew extremely close to them, more than she had ever anticipated. Because of this many of the public perceived her in a negative light, saying she should've taken the time to grieve the loss of her mother the right way instead of pushing through work. Everly, of course, disagreed. She instead took her new found roles with excitement. With something new, fresh and exciting for her to work on with Hell On Wheels, she's more excited than ever to get back into the game. Now besides the tv show, she's taken time for herself instead of filling her downtime with work on various projects and hopes that things will continue to prosper for she and her family. Hopefully she can keep that promise to herself.